Modern Warfare 2 Multiplayer Strategy Guide Hints Tips And Tricks

Modern Warfare 2 Multiplayer Guide

(How to not suck at Modern Warfare 2) by James Cavin

This extensive Modern Warfare 2 Strategy Guide is intended for beginner and intermediate players only. Advanced players, by their very definition, don’t need advice. It sucks to have bullets sprayed in your face every time you encounter another player. It can be really frustrating when the only thing you’ve accomplished in the ten minute matches is target practice for the other team. Hopefully I’ll be able to help you with that. Unfortunately, there is no melee scrotum punch for that after-kill flair. I recommend Infinity Ward patch that mistake as soon as possible

Once again, this is a primer for people who feel they need help to get better at Modern Warfare 2 or are missing something from their “game.” I believe the best use for this multiplayer guide would be to allow for more suggestions. If we can keep adding to it we can expect more quality players in multiplayer matches. More quality = more fun. And, as we all know, the best way to get more skillful is to play against someone better than you.

Styles of Gameplay

- Run-and-Gun

- Sniper

- Stealth and Melee

- Camping

- Hybrid

Weapon Familiarization I (Primary and Secondary)

- Advantages and Disadvantages of Each Weapon Type

- Uses (both common and uncommon) of Each Weapon Type

- Attachments and How to Get Them

Weapon Familiarization II (Equipment and Killstreaks)

- Advantages and Disadvantages of Each Weapon Type

- Uses (both common and uncommon) of Each Weapon Type

- Killstreaks Combos for High Kill Total

- Killstreaks Combos for Team Support

Perks Described

- Each Perk in Detail

- Mistakes when Using Perks

- Proper Perk Usage

Class Creation

- The Purpose of Custom Classes

- Class Creation 101

- Gameplay Style and Custom Classes

Experience Points

- Ranking Information Described

- Faster XP

- Prestige

Putting it All Together

- Strategic Matchmaking (XP or Gameplay Experience)

- Knowing your Maps

- Knowing your Roles

- Tips and Tricks for Combat (Aiming, Shooting, Switching Weapons, Knifing, Frag, Semtex, Noob Tube, Sneaking, Camping, ect)

Glossery Of Terms


Please feel free to add your top Modern Warfare 2 multiplayer strategies and tips to the comment section. Comments FTW!

MW2Blog would like to thank JCavin from our Forums for taking the time to write this awesome Modern Warfare 2 Multiplayer Guide. You the man!

For questions, suggestions, and corrections you can send me an email at Thanks. Have fun and beat some heads for me.

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  1. nkm says:

    the only way to get good is to learn from ur mistakes. i got good like that also.

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    • anon1m0s says:

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  2. Outstanding detail in your forum. Couple things to add, the blast shield will prevent stun grenades as long as you aren’t injured or if the opponent isn’t using danger close.

    The pistol may not be hte best secondary weapon, however you can switch to your pistol 2 seconds faster then you can a macine pistol…..if you got killed switching to your TMP, an M9 may have saved you.

    If used correctly at the beginning of S/D matches, a Semtex and Frag grenade can completely control your rushing opponents. A common pre frag is on sub base into A BAY door from the defending side…..this is devestating for your foes on the boxes in the lower level. However this takes practice in private matches.

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  3. R3D_ARMY says:

    I recommend that you take it careful (especially in S&D), go around the long route to get around the back of the opposition. Furthermore, if your playing something like TDM or Domination don’t be scared to get in there. If your not confident going towards the opposition with a primary weapon, then switch and use a SPAS (as an example). When im playing i get very annoyed with people who camp, but it can be a useful way of getting to your 1st killstreak.

    So, I recommend rushing in most game modes, but being cunning (and camping if required) in others. Have Fun!!!

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    • 2HH21 says:

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      • nelson says:

        What skills are required for camping?…. I think campers are the sleaziest players in any game . No skills required just sitting n waiting for some1 to cross ur sights. But that’s just my opinion. . .

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        • fezza07 says:

          Holding your nerve maybe one skill, when I know a player knows where I am he keeps coming back, I only camp on certain maps with a tactical insertion. It’s great annoying the heck out of the other players who keep coming back. And when or if they manage to kill me the tactical insertion gets them by surprise. A UAV when camping is great, you see those suckers coming back for punishment. Also when camping I run around patrolling my area (which sort of takes the camping out of it to a certain degree) But I rack up huge kill counts changing up my vantage points when they come back. Gets them every time. If a camper is winning in every game then power to them, do what it takes to take the opposition down

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  4. Bob says:

    I need help!!, I can’t ever get any killstreaks anymore.

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    • D block says:

      @Bob, try using smaller killstreaks like uav carepackages and predators if im playing against people who keep killin me befor i can get a pavelow or chopper gunner i switch to carepackages and try n get lucky

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    • POLICE-FORCE1 says:

      @Bob, Put it to UAV(3) , and work up.

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  5. ABK DirtyWork says:

    -some player do a lot better if they rush with scrambler pro or sitrep pro and have a higher sensitivity for quick turns…but a great weapon to use in clutch moments when your team is dead and your are losing big in Search is the M4A1 ,Red Dot and Suppresser…Cold Blooded Pro ,Ninja Pro ,Smoke Grenade ,Semtax and AT4 im a legit 10th. I play on Xbox Live mainly HardCore Search and theses are a few of my tips now try them out and have fun and enjoy Modern Warfare 2…

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  6. Paul says:

    The Way I learned to get good was just by playing split screen on every map with every weapon,and learned from my mistakes…still can’t remember to watch out for claymors

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  7. AnemicYeast10 says:

    I have been known to suck horribly at this game, but I have also come to the conclusion that people need to shoot and move. Common well know basic military tactics really work in this game. Left and Right Flanking as well as shoot and move work absolute wonders when used correctly. If you are able to work with your team it will make it even easier to execute these tactics without a hitch, but you will get the occasional 5 year old playing who likes to be the tool bag of the group and feel he can take on the whole opposing team by himself thus racking up the kills on the other side quite fast. Also, I understand there are challenges for the M203 as well as the grenade launcher, but noob-tubing is by far the most ridiculous way to rack up kills and is extremely annoying plus it makes you looks like a jack-hole who doesn’t know what they are doing.

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    • leb 74 says:

      I’m a lvl 42 that plays against several prestige players and I have to say that I get killed by grenade launchers more than anything else and not very good at FPS.

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  8. Alex says:

    This has really helped me but I am still having some trouble with killstreaks. I am also a lot better with snipers, although the sway doesn’t help… After I played a match with my friends I nearly mastered quick scoping with the intervention. I am recommending this to everyone I know!

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  9. Stephen says:

    One of the best tips I can give to beginners or to people who are finding things a bit difficult is not to rely on one style of gameplay, different maps require different styles, try work out what style suits you best for each map. For instance trying to sneak and get silent kills on the scrapyard or rust maps gets me slaughtered almost every time, the maps are too small and open so I change my style to run and gun. Learning to use at least 2 styles effectively also can help out when you’re just having a bad game, if you’re on a bit of a deathstreak switch from your normal tactics to your second choice style. Oh and don’t use grenades, rpg’s and things like that constantly, there’s nothing more irritating than being killed by some useless idiot with a grenade launcher, it’s for desperately bad players.

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    • fezza07 says:

      grrrrrr! stupid grenade launchers, if I’m shot at I always turn around and hunt for him, it’s the last thing they expect, they either sprint or re load. Turn back and get him. If you manage to escape a grenade, look at the map to get that split second look at where he is, the first thing they do is re load, which leaves them defenseless for a second… half a second too long if you have light weight pro and extended melee pro (or wahtever it’s called), turn back and knife the cheeky bugger lol. Just how I play, up the guts!

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    • gabriel says:

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  10. Michael says:

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    • bigchief32 says:

      great advice on different styles of play 1 key thing i havent seen yet in being a badass unless u just play free for all is mic up and make some friends play after awhile u get to know eachothers style of play then u learn how to play as a team! & like a team u communicate whats going on & if u need 2change strategy in mid game bcuz ur getting run thru also ive got couple friends that camp alot &saved my butt many times cuz i r ran into more then i was ready for or didnt see a sneaky creapeing up on me u get a good team together & I Guarantee u will start kicken but t as long as ur a team player like a real sqad does

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  11. BNIONS says:

    intervention FMJ + Magnum FMJ (quick switch+ no recoil if you shoot it in the right timing, only with FMJ thou) with sight of hand pro, stopping power pro and ninja pro. flash nade (cos it completly makes the whole screen white, so the player cant shoot you. where as with a stun nade he can still kill you if your not carefull.), claymore ( to plant behind you or to kill someone who is not looking in style.) final stand

    scar-h with m203 + Magnum FMJ (for the same reasons) sight of hand pro or scavenger pro, hard line pro or stopping power pro, and scrambler pro. flash nade. claymore OR normal nade. final stand

    Kills streaks – for the people who can reach 7 kills and aiming for nuke

    Attack helicopter – circles the map UNLIKE the Harrier.

    AC 130 – just hide and use the damn thing. you would already get around 15+ kills with the heli, so you can reach 25 with this easyly.

    Nuke – do what you like, i would keep playing for more kills untill the last 2-3 mins then use it.

    Kill streaks for less good people.

    use hardline. this makes uav 2 or carepackage 3.

    i would use care package because you have a chance (percentages at the bottom) of getting anything but the nuke.


    carepackage – dont be stupid and give it away. watch the map and see where you teamates are spawning. do it there.

    sentry gun – better then pmissle because normally you will only get 1-3 kills with that. move the turrent about, dont let the people you killed to respawn knowing where it is with a AT4 with them.

    pave low – you should get at least four more kills (remember not to die thou) which is enough for a pavelow. it is great and it kills everyone. stays in the air for 60 seconds with two turrets (2x the attack heli) and better amoumor. the first missle shot it will miss because it has counter measures. the second one will hit but will not shoot it down. it takes two plus the miss.

    if the pave low is too hard to get, use attack helicopter.

    percentages for the care package.

    14.78% – Ammo
    14.78% – UAV
    13.04% – Counter-UAV
    10.43% – Sentry Gun
    10.43% – Predator Missile
    9.57% – Precision Airstrike
    6.09% – Harrier Strike
    6.09% – Attack Helicopter
    4.35% – Pave Low
    4.35% – Stealth Bomber
    2.61% – Chopper Gunner
    2.61% – AC-130
    0.87% – EMP

    percentages from

    if you are good with the intervention, i suggest you to have a thermal one, a FMJ one, and a acog one. acog for maps like rust, thermal for snowy maps, or afgan. FMJ for clear maps like terminal.

    btw, if you play ps3, the FAL is glitched. the iron sight on it in sightly to the left. oh yh, so is the magnum but its great.

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    • fezza07 says:

      A good little tactic I’ve picked up with the care packages is to setup a Tactical Insertion in close proximity to where you want the care package. Preferably on the outer edges of the maps (just keep in mind that the outer edges are huge re spawning places, so a killed enemy can re spawn very close to you and your care package)Hide the Tactical Insertion where the foe will not see it (They always panic anyway and just want to get the care package and leave because it takes a little longer to steal than to acquire your own) but hide it to minimize the chance of him seeing it and waiting for you to re spawn. I’ve been killed many times trying to get my care package, I re spawn just around the corner from him trying to steal my care package and boom!! Knife him and the care package is yours

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      • mr. death says:

        Yea i tried your tactic and as i was planting the tactic insersion he stole my EMP.!!!!!!

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        • fezza07 says:

          The trick might be to lay the Tactical Insertion first lol, thanks for the thumbs down too hahaha. If in my comment somewhere I wrote throw the air support flair “THEN” plant your T.I I apologize, it should really be the other way around. I thought common sense may have prevailed. We all know T.I takes a second or 2 to lay, so lay it first. Then let me know how it goes mr. death

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    • Impaler481 says:

      I found a slightly better tactic with the care packages. Throw the smoke in a place without substantial cover but not in plain sight so as not to arouse suspicion. Hide, then when someone tries to steal your care package, take them out. If you move around after killing someone, I’ve found that you can get them again. I was once able (through sheer luck) to rack up nine kills with this tactic.

      P.S. Ironically, I was slaughtered by as least three people when I moved to grab the care package. So, if you do use this tactic, make sure you’re not in dire need of a killstreak reward.

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  12. Taylor says:

    Although many people have always compained about my playstyle i found that one many army is one of the best ways to go.
    the reason is. you can use multiple equiptment so you can set claymores around the map to get you “safe kills”, while you can set a tac insertion in hidden spots to keep yourself away from your teams spon points.

    this is really useful because if you use a silencer and cold blooded you can kill multiple enemies with your weapon and your equiptment without running out. plus if you find people camping or are too far away for your assault rifles you can switch really quick to a silent stopping power sniper to get a few more kills at a range. if you ever get really close to a kill streak like 3 kills and you have a pretitor equipt.. you can switch to a hardline setup for your one kill saving you from having to kill one more person. if you combine the tactics you can cover many doorways, get campers out of there camping spots with a sniper and grenade launcher and get a few more kills with your rifle the next thing you know you have a ac 130.

    this setup is really useful for getting nukes because you can keep yourself from dieing and you can get killsteaks pretty easilly, but removing pretitor missile. moves your killsteak from 4 to 6 which can be pretty difficult to get especually if you are vr. lots of lightweight players. they can run past your claymores and if there are too many fast players without a secondary you can get yourself into quite a pinch.

    alot of people dont like laying down in the grass sometimes i find this to be one of the best strategies. small ridges in the ground can become temporary cover when you lay down. with one man army you also got unlimited smoke grenades. if your in a big open map with cold blooded on you can get around the map point a to point b without being seen. although with all that smoke sometimes it isnt vary difficult to see where you are going.

    i find that the WA2000 is one of the best snipers. although its kinda awkward and large. you can get one hit kills without stopping power(since stopping power doesnt strengthen this gun enough to kill in one hit in the stomach) or with a silencer and stopping power(the wa2000 is the same strength as the intervention and the 50 cal with a silencer and stopping power exept it can shoot faster more acurately)

    sitrep pro is also a really good perk for silent classes. although it makes it a little bit harder to sneak around. almost ever round i kill two or more people that are sneaking up on me. because they dont have ninja, and thats without sitrep. sitrep you can hear people in the building next to you many feet behind you or when they are comming around corners. all of these make it easier to stay alive which is one of the main reasons to getting good kill streaks.

    although people dont like camping… which i dont like either.. laying down, crawling around, getting good vantagepoints to kill your enemies, and using smoke grenades, are technically not camping. its being sneaky(which is commonly refered to as camping) but camping is when somebody sits in one place and doesnt move. most of the time with sniper rifles and shotguns which happen quite a bit in wasteland or derailed. so dont be afraid to lay on the ground or wait for somegbody you hear around the corner. it would be foolish to just run in and try to out fire somebody, although not impossible its usually what they are expecting you to do.

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  13. Bec says:

    Thanks for writing this, I was looking for a good guide because I want to get out of doing what I generically do in MW2 and try something else and hopefully get better. I need to work on my kill streaks and not getting killed so much I think haha. Your guide helped me a lot, I have a better understanding now. Hopefully I’ll be on my way to showing up some guys now, so they wont tell me to get in the kitchen again. I’ll show them my definition of kitchen – BABOOM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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  14. Ben says:

    Thanks for this guide. I am very new to online, and I was having a problem with dying alot. Now I have gone from 15 deaths a match to 5 deaths a match. Thanks!

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  15. charlie says:

    i got online yesterday, this will help me alot, i will certainly be looking at it again.

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  16. Derrick says:

    Hey, thanks for writing this guide. After a few hours of game play I started placing in the top 3 a lot more, also even if I’m getting killed a lot, I’m still having much more fun then I was before. Thank you.

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  17. john says:

    whats even more fun is when somebody gets their boyfriend to play and they hide in a corner and shoot each other

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  18. fezza07 says:

    Run and gun works perfectly for me. I use marathon pro, light weight pro and extended melee pro. I only use the tactical insertion to hold down one “hot spot” in particular maps like Quarry, Estate (bcoz holding the house upstairs is key to that map, the longer you can stay in there unscathed the more points you’ll get Karachi or Skidrow, can’t really remember which one, and wasteland (near the entrance to the middle tunnel.) I hate re spawning way out in the wilderness at wasteland, takes too much time to get to the tunnel for kills and running there makes you vulnerable to snipers, who are devastatingly annoying lol. Nothing more satisfying than finding a sniper in his little hiding spot, and knifing him!!

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    • gabriel says:

      Hahahaha i agree but snipers are a lil bit different from campers. i only use snipers for 360 quick scopes only. or if i am playing with new people i will use fast scopes. but when you say snipers reffering to campers it kinda agravates me. i dont camp and i run in and 360 quick scopes or 360 throwing knife as a round or game winning kill. oh and for the new people if you want to look better than every one else in your lobby nothing impresses them more than a fast scope or a throwing knife to the head. the only way to learn how to 360 scope and throwing knife is to go to split screen and have a guy just stand there and practice 360s it might be kinda boring practicing but it will get you the envy of your friends. oh and nube toobers get me mad it takes no skill to nube toob if you need help trying to get a nuke i should be somewhere else on here. as the same name. i have gotten 8 nukes. without boosting. and i will admit i have boosted before. but i was new. but i hated boosting. every one was mad at me every time i played with them. i even got kicked out a clan for boosting. so dont boost

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      • fezza07 says:

        Sorry but I missed the part in my comment where I was referring to snipers as campers.. I said nothing more satisfying than finding a sniper in his little hiding spot, not finding a camper in his little hiding spot. Truth be told I find them both equally annoying, but I understand their strategy and how they are trying to win, so fair dinkum. There’s just nothing worse than running around as I do and getting picked off by a sniper, hence the satisfaction I get in finding them perched up somewhere and knifing them. I also like the quick scoping strategy, wish I knew how to haha I just don’t go away from what I know and what works for me. And that is run and gun

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    • Impaler481 says:

      Fezza, you are awesome.

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  19. sean says:

    i use stealth to my advantage,with scavenger it can be hard to go around but i go slow and steady and with scavenger its hard to run out of ammo because you can pick it up from dead people.

    the throwing knife helps alot if your accurate and using steath,bringing an EBR silenced in stealth can help as long as you can defend yourself in close-range with the secondary or throwing knife and with EBR not only do you get a ghillie suit but you can take out sniper with silence.

    having secondary as a handgun can help in stealth if you get spotted bcuz it actually switches faster and in those sticky situation if you have a fast finger u can outgun someone with a deagle,magnum because they have high damage or if you want complete stealth use a m9 or usp silenced like what i usually do in stealth.

    also try to use stealth in places like underpass bcuz the fog actually protects you from sniper rifles sometimes but if they have thermal try using an EBR to take them out.

    run and gun doesn’t work out for me,i only use run and gun in places like rust etc.

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    • fezza07 says:

      Oh man I love rust, but it’s like the place I least play at though. Wish I had the patience to use stealth. I meet up with my dad as often as I can, he’s a lvl 70, I just got to 45 or something (haven’t been playing long), and I swear I was cleaning him up every time lol winning by kills many times in a row. He changed his strategy to stealth and can go through a match without dying, and win the match. Good for kill death ratio. Haven’t seen him since he changed his strategy so will test him shortly

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  20. Chad says:

    if you are gonna go for a tactical nuke then here’s a good strategy.

    (I use and perfer)
    acr silenced/ump45 silenced/tar-21 silenced
    g18 akimbos
    p1 scavenger pro (ran out of ammo then go find a dead body and grab ammo)
    p2 stopping power
    p3 commando/ninja (if you drop shot instead of knifing then use ninja)
    death streak (don’t matter)

    scar-h silenced w/bling heartbeat
    pp2000 red dot sight
    stopping power
    death streak (don’t matter)

    don’t noob tube! that’s one thing we all hate. it’s ok for first blood across the map but not for the whole game.

    Harrier strike/attack helicopter
    pave low (make sure enemy’s don’t take it out quick)
    chopper gunner/ac-130
    tactical nuke

    get a few friends and make sure they call in uav’s and counter uav’s. uav are very helpful if you can’t tell where the enemy is at. counter uav are very helpful too. making sure the enemy don’t know where you at. have friends near you. when you have a harrier/attack helicopter/etc, ask you friends to protect you for cover. those killstreak will give you the nuke if you know how to use it. look all around you when using a chopper. you might end up getting takin down by a stinger from behind. for ac-130, get kill very fast because ac-130 doesn’t last long like the chopper. ac-130 are luckier than choppers. ac-130 are little hard to take down. choppers will come all the way down and it’s easy like harriers. don’t spend time taking down harriers/pave low/etc. get kills. focus. don’t panic. more you panic the more you can’t make it. that sometimes happens.

    Nuke Maps:
    good maps are:
    afghan (first nuke with acr silenced)
    carnival (resurgence)
    overgrown (simulus)
    etc (maps with little bit buildings)

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  21. Jobby8 says:

    Legitimate 10th prestige here, just wanted to say that camping and explosives are absolute garbage. It takes zero skill to just sit in a corner and wait for people to walk in front of you, or to just set down a claymore and hope somebody meanders your way. The only game types worth playing are the hardcore game types (hardcore team deathmatch is what I play about 95% of the time), because if you want to shoot somebody that much, why don’t you just go play some Gaylo: Reacharound? Of my 10 classes, they’re all essentially the same. A silenced gun (the iron sights on most of the guns work just fine), marathon pro, cold-blooded pro, and sitrep pro (great for not constantly dying from no-skill campers who just hide behind their little security blanket claymores, and I have Turtle Beaches so the louder enemy footsteps really helps), a silenced M9, and a throwing knife. I have not 1 explosive in any of my classes, and the last time I did the math from my leaderboards, I average right around 16 kills a match, and 10 deaths a match. My strategy is the same every match: run around until I find someone to shoot at. It’s really not that hard to NOT camp and to NOT just launch off random explosives. Just play the game the way it’s meant to be played: hard and fast.

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    • time says:

      Hidden due to low rating - Click here to see.

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      • Jobby8 says:

        Well when I’m rolling in a party of 6 with 5 other people who play very similar to the way I do we dominate. It’s all about just storming the spawn so they don’t have a chance to settle down. As long as we constantly keep the spawns changing the campers don’t have a chance. I rarely play by myself, as I have played this game so much that it’s not very fun to play alone. I’ll usually turn on my xbox by hitting the eject button, see who’s online, and if there’s nobody then I play a different game. Generally NCAA Football 2010, or MLB 2K10.

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    • Impaler481 says:

      I believe that everyone but nube-tubers are entitled to their own playstyle because each playstyle has a counter.

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  22. John says:

    Thanks, man. It helped out a lot i’m a level 37 and I’m good but I still needed some help I looked at your forum, once I was done I was like WOW!

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  23. fezza07 says:

    If you’re a beginner (like me) it’ll surprise you how much knowing the maps, and knowing where all the foot traffic is helps. I just got to level 52 or something, and I’m currently in good form. I’m in the top 3 consistently with prestige players who think they’re all that. I play a run and gun style as mentioned above somewhere

    I’ll break down what I do and how I combine my perks, kill streaks etc

    Marathon Pro is a must for this style. Light weight is optional, but for that extra bit of speed and mobility I go with this. And finally Commando Pro, with all the running around I do I find a lot of people in my face, so an extended melee can only benefit, as well as not taking damage when falling and landing, I think a must have in run and gun styles

    My kill streak rewards go like this
    Care package at 4 kills
    Harriers at 7
    Pave Low at 9

    I use the care package as a bit of a lottery, you might get lucky and get a harrier strike or AC-130. When you hit 9 kills without using your Harrier Strike, your in business, you’ve got a Harrier Strike and Pave Low in waiting. Unleash them both or one after the other. One after the other allows you to patrol the skies for longer, thus pressuring your enemies to go inside. Clean these inside areas out and especially keep an eye out for anyone with the means to destroy what ever you have in the sky. If you see a man running around, and someone with a stinger looking in the air, make the stinger guy priority no. 1 I don’t use chopper gunner, or AC-130 because they require me to stay in one place and operate it. Not what I want when I just want to run around killing

    (note when I had UAV at 3 kills, care package at 4, and predator at 5 I couldn’t get any higher than 5. So I took the UAV out and added the Harriers to add a bit of incentive to stay alive after 5 straight kills. Now with the incentive I was getting 10 kills quite regularly, so I took the Predator out and added the Pave Low at 9 kills. So if you have my original combo, and find it hard to stay alive after you have your last reward, change it up to add incentive and do let me know how it goes please)

    I use the scar-h (High Damage out put, and recoil isn’t gigantic), with the holographic sight attachment (although I’m looking at switching back to the red dot)

    My 2ndary, I’m currently working on the tactical knife attachment for the first handgun. I picked one up in scrapyard once, and got a 10 kill streak with the knife alone (thus bringing out the Harriers, and Pave Low consecutively one after the other)I rained hell from the sky and cleaned up lol

    I’m guilty at times, I do a little patrolling with the tac insertion. What I mean by patrol is I’ll lay it down in a corner, in a high traffic place, and constantly run around a small area… patrolling. I rack up huge kill counts and the same players tend to get a annoyed at me and keep coming back, which is exactly what I want. When a player knows what you’re up to, and knows where you tac insertion is, move it somewhere else in the same vicinity. Also, if you get the message that your tac insertion has been destroyed, you know exactly where he is. Go back and kill him for what maybe a very valuable kill

    My final piece of advise is this. When you escape a bullet or 2 and turn a corner… TURN AROUND!! I stop, look at the map and see where he is. Why? Because I know he’s either started sprinting, or is reloading, and at the same time doesn’t think I’m going to be back in his face so quickly. If his dot was a bit far away, wait behind the corner/cover for a split second and allow him to get a bit closer. Then sprint off the mark, the light weight pro gets you to him quicker as well. 9/10 times it works out, the other 1 time I either end up shooting him to death, or he gets me. Still, 9/10, hard to argue with

    All and all go with what works for you. But if you want to learn the maps easier, then adopt a run and gun class for a while. Get the hang of the nooks and crannies, then when you’re ready and learned all the maps. Set-up your class, and give it to them!!!!!

    You might see me around in the near future

    fezzaz13 is out to get you!!

    Happy Hunting

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    • Impaler481 says:

      My one complaint is the use of constant radar during matches. I’ve never played with radar in split-screen matches, and when I go online with the radar I suck because I’m better when no one knows where I am. Before you say something about cold-blooded, my perks of choice leave no room for it.

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  24. Craig M says:

    Hey guys,

    Quick tip on how to get cold blooded pro (name doesnt appear as red to enemies)

    Shoot down an attack helicopter or gunship, as the helicopter spins in the air, repeatly shoot it with you silenced gun, each hit counts to the 100 hits you need to unlock it.

    Plus cold Blooded Pro is Ideal for Hardcore Matches, to many people delay to shoot you when the name doesnt come up, gives you that advantage.

    I find it easier to use the silenced gun on burst fire guns such as M16 or FAMAS, there so strong without a silencer, no need for stopping power and use the cold blooded with ninja pro, dont want people hearing you approach them as silencer reduces the range.

    As to other perks, Scrambler just hightens the enemy that you are close and ruins the element of surprise, i try not to use it at all unless i have to grind it :(

    Scavenger is Genius, probley the best thing to use with cold blooded and ninja with the silencer, i know people like the RDS and Holographic sight, but seriously, if you use an acr or M16 it really isnt to hard to aim using the normal scope, with harder guns use Holographic.

    Now i know this setup is totally NOOBISH and isnt fun for other players, but seriously is a deadly combonation, Scavenger, Danger close, and Ninja. Using the Grenade launcher and RPG at higher levels, is so deadly as explosions are twice as harsh, also when you get harrier the airstrike affect a higher area of the map, more chance to get that extra kill before it gets blown out of the sky!

    I know its frowned apon, but playing Headquaters, finding a good spot once your team have captured can get you so many multi-kills its unreal, and chances of you reaching a high kill streak is high, remember to change you vantage point and protect behind you with claymores. Alot of fun :)

    Still I prefer Snipers, very useful with thermal scope on so many maps, just remember if you havent got cold blooded its easy to spot you as well…also thermal on any sort of gun other then a sniper is an auto fail, to much recoil and just doesnt work.

    If your a low level, stop seeing it as a bad thing, honestly perks help agreed but I remember getting some outragous scores at lower levels, i think it makes you more cautious then higher levels because you know your vunerable.

    Hope this helps

    Craig M

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  25. anon1m0s says:

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  26. anon1m0s says:

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