Modern Warfare 2 Comic To Join Other MW2 Memorabilia

MW2: GHOST Comic Series

So far we already have an impressive list of goodies to compliment Modern Warfare 2 and it’s still 3 months until the game comes out! Posters, NVG’s, Custom Controller and accessories and a life size Modern Warfare 2 character have all been confirmed.

Just when you thought there couldn’t possibly be more MW2 memorabilia Activision/Infinity Ward announce another MW2 based product, this time its a Modern Warfare 2 comic series called MW2: Ghost!

The ‘Modern Warfare 2: GHOST’ comic is a 6-part series delving into the, more legend than history, backstory of Ghost. The series takes place before his inclusion in Taskforce 141 and as such before the events of Modern Warfare 2; focusing more on the origins of his character, the mask, and his ‘Ghost’ moniker.

The comic will made by DC Comics and boast an alternative plot line by Eisner award winning American comic book writer, artist, and cartoonist David Lapham who is widely considered to be amoungst the top in his field. The series will tie in to the November release of the game. Here is the cover art for MW2:GHOST issue 1

Modern Warfare 2 Comic MW2 Ghost

MW2: Ghost Issue 1 Cover Art

MW2 Ghost Concept Art Work

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  1. ajhernandez says:

    awsome i would love to read that also im first to post a comment

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  2. mike34221 says:

    that would be fun to read

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  3. chewbakka3 says:

    thats probly the only comic i would ever read

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  4. mike34221 says:

    it would br cool if this came with the prestige edition

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    • bowie7 says:

      @mike34221, what like after you read 70 comics you get the prestige copy kool

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  5. drew says:

    thats sweet, but a quick question. will you gus bring back the m40a3? cause if not i may go into a great depression. =(

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