Modders Make a Modern Warfare 2 Zombie Mode

Those modders have been at it again with their JTagged Xboxes. Here at MW2Blog we’re not advocates of modding, but this one is actually pretty cool. They’ve only gone and made a Modern Warfare 2 Zombie mode! So, here’s how it works…

18 people race to the top of rust, first 9 to hit the top become zombie killers. The 9 that don’t make it to the top become zombies who can only knife. If the zombie kills you, you become the zombie which means you have to fight back to get to the top of rust.

A lot of people are bound to want to play this modded Modern Warfare 2 Zombie game mode. The bad news is that unless you have, or know somebody with a modded Xbox that knows how to do this mod, you’re not going to be able to.

It all seems to be going down at TheTechGame, so head over there and see if you can find out more about this mod, or maybe even get a game.

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  1. footballking says:

    you honestly can do this without a jtag its just going 2 be difficult just liike get 18 ppl and race and the first 9 ppl will be the killers or you can just decidee in the lobby and take it from there

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    • KKKKKKYLE says:

      Yea but then you can’t unlock guns….which is a main feature…

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  2. Kildar says:

    We do something similar except the humans can only use pistols. we have only one killstreak (the nuke) and the health is on miniscule and the zombies can only use knives of course. mostly we do the matches on more open maps to make it fair for zombies and humans. I.E. Overgrown, Carnival, Quarry, Underpass is good cause it just sets that low visibility spooky mood

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  3. EDWARDS0014 says:

    that pretty dann good, but it on xbox dammm u moddder

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  4. Zombies, vampires – when will it end?

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  5. Cod_Boi says:

    only if it was real zombie mode like in COD 5

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